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Fifer Investigations, LLC

Fifer Investigations offers a powerful array of business to business pre-employment and background investigations solutions specializing in police officer and fire fighter applicants. (read more about our services)

Companies and municipalities face costly litigation as a result of poorly conducted or no pre-employment background investigations. Hiring an outside firm to conduct pre-employment background investigations saves money and time.

Fifer Investigations, LLC is a professional firm with professional standards. As a representative of your company or agency our employees make contacts and conduct investigations in a professional manner. Employees are retired and active law enforcement professionals with thousands of hours of investigative experience. Our investigators know where to look for information and how to navigate the sometimes cumbersome bureaucracy of the criminal justice system. You will receive thorough, detailed, and professional looking reports to assist you in making the best hiring decisions possible.

Fifer Investigations, LLC conducts thorough and complete investigations and provides very personal services tailored to the client's needs.

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